Tired of Working So Hard to Get Ahead?

98% of the things you are doing
in your business have little or no impact.
Here’s how to stop doing them and start
in your life and business.

 “Join the Beyond Optimum Performance Academy and start creating the business and life you’ve always wanted – I’m giving you your first optimum performance strategy for just $6.95.”


Hi, I’m Melanie Benson Strick, America’s Leading Authority on Optimum Performance. I help creative, fast-paced entrepreneurs, thought leaders and transformation mentors learn how to make their business work better — without the overwhelm and stress! (If you haven’t met me, click here for my 15 second bio.)


Which Kind of Business Owner Do You Want to Be?

Work an overwhelming 70, 80 or more hours to achieve a very slow and incremental growth where you always feel like you are behind everyone else. Or…
Work less than 40 hours a week doing what you love while achieving a level of success you never dreamed was possible.


You Have Two Choices

You can continue to do what you’ve always done hoping that things will get easier.
Or you can discover what your zone of Optimum Performance is and put it into action – stop working so hard and break free of the always too busy and never enough time trap in your current approach.


What is Optimum Performance?

Optimum Performance is the zone where you are thriving — you work feels effortless. Your business results are predictable and automatic. Its a zone where you get to be the best you and enjoy the biggest, most impactful and profitable results without undue stress or overwhelm.

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of business owners out there, you are probably feeling a little behind. A little overworked. A little underpaid. Success is not coming as quickly nor as easily as you had planned.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Those that discover and implement these Optimum Performance strategies will finally have a thriving business…

Striving for more success & driving yourself so hard you feel exhausted is FINALLY replaced with Thriving.

In almost everyone’s business the Optimum Performance zone is a blind spot – a blind spot so hard to see you’re not going to see it on your own.

That’s where the Beyond Optimum Performance Academy pays off — you’ll be able to implement the shifts in your thinking, strategies and decisions that other thriving, six and seven figure entrepreneurs have discovered already — and catapult yourself to success.

As an Academy member each month you will receive…

Monthly Optimum Performance Strategy designed to simplify and revolutionize your approach to running a wildly successful business doing what you love. I’ll deliver the training in a LIVE web-training (you’ll also get the audio and slides via PPT to download) and you’ll get easy to use tools and resources to implement the strategy.
Cutting edge high performance mindset and strategy mentoring from me during the LIVE Q&A on the Webinar. Imagine being able to cut through the crap and get into big money-making action with a simple shift in your approach. That’s what happens each month as our clients step into the spotlight for a laser OPTIMIZE session!
Exclusive access to the members-only Facebook Networking Group. Surround yourself with movers and shakers while getting exclusive access to tips, resources and inspiration designed JUST FOR YOU!
Access to my private Optimum Performance Resource Rolodex. No more searching for the right tool — I’ll keep you informed and reveal the tools I use — as well as my inner circle — to ensure you make the best investments the first time!

Your Beyond Optimum Performance Academy

Your Beyond Optimum Performance Academy is dedicated to just one thing: Helping you find and focus on your zone of optimum performance so explode your business results, while giving you back the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Each month you will receive cutting edge strategies allowing you to identify your key areas of effectiveness, free up your time to do the few things ONLY you can do, and easily find automation and delegation resources to do the routine, mundane work better and faster than you can—often on a shoestring budget.

You’ll learn how to think and master leverage so
everything you put your fingers on turns rapidly to gold!”

But don’t take my word for it…I’m giving you your first month in the academy for just $6.95 (it’s normally $47) to prove it:

You Deserve to Succeed on Your Terms

You have a dream for your business and life. Now is the time to take hold of that dream. Now is the time to stop working so hard and start using the simple yet powerful Optimum Performance tactics to work to give you more time, more money and more enjoyment in life.

Isn’t it time…

…you have more fun and sanity as you run your business?
…you took a vacation without feeling guilty or having to call the office?
…you had consistent, dependable cash flow?
…your business brought you joy not panic?
…you actually worked LESS than 40 hours a week?
…could spend more time doing what you are best at?


Isn’t it time? Yes, it is.

You owe it to yourself to try this for one month. It’s just $6.95 and these strategies are going to change your life. Don’t agree? You can cancel with the click of a mouse—but you won’t want to.


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